De Stoner

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De Stoner
Destoner is used to separate Stone, Glass, Metal pieces and other impurities present insoyabean,maize,grain,rice,wheat,pulses, sunflower seeds and other seeds.The principle of this machine is to lift the material by vaccum, over an inclined vibrating screen covered deck. This results in the material, being suspended in the air,the heavier impurities (i.e. Stone, Glass,metal) are left behind on the screen and are discharged from the stone outlet. Perfectly clean soyabean, maize, grain and other seeds are then discharged from the outlets, free from all impurities.
Highly efficient in De Stoning for rice & paddy
Stone, Dust & Immature grains are separated
by air blower & vibration system
Operates on principle of gravity separation.
Limited consumption of air & power
Independent turbo air extraction system
Less moving parts
Technical Specifications
Model No. Capacity Power Size (H X W X L)
GDS (DS) 950 3 TO 4 TPH 0.75 HP 1880 X 1260 X 1560 MM
GDS (DS) 1050 4 TO 5 TPH 1.00 HP 1880 X 1260 X 1560 MM
GDS (DS) 1200 5 TO 7 TPH 1.25 HP 1880 X 1560 X 1560 MM


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