Golden-Paddy Dehusking Rolls C-122

Golden-Paddy Dehusking Rolls C-122

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Ultimate in Quality
"Golden C-122" is an ultimate quality rubber roll for Super Fine Variety of rice such as Basmati, Sarbati, Sugandha etc. This quality product was developed by Golden R&D team after continuous research and trials with basmati exporters. This product is manufactured in our most advanced plant using latest in technology and the best raw materials available in rubber industry. The rubber compound has been specially designed for hardness and elasticity to suit basmati and other super fine variety of paddy. This special compound gives minimum broken of rice with optimum output. This product undergoes most rigorous and stringent quality tests at every stage of production, that is why today most of the exporters use this quality for milling of basmati paddy.

Salient Features of Golden C-122

  • Broken of Rice: Due to specially designed rubber Compound this quality gives minimum broken percentage of rice with super fine variety of paddy.

  • Shelling Efficiency: The elastic behaviour of compound maintain an optimum shelling efficiency while maintaining minimum percentage of broken. Minimum broken percentage can be obtained around 80 +2% of shelling efficiency.

  • Heat Resistance: Special raw materials are used in this compound to ensure high degree of heat resistance and to maintain the shelling efficiency even though rubber is soft.

  • Whiteness and Luster: The special chemical compound of the roll produces very white rice with extra luster.

  • Wear Resistance: This soft compound is specially formulated to have wear resistance at operating high temperature to give optimum output of basmati rice.

  • Low Dehusking Cost: Golden C122 Gives lowest Dehusking cost per kg of paddy due to saving in broken of rice.

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